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crafting, growing and maintaining the online presence of consultants and coaches.

So many of the consultants and coaches we've had the pleasure of working with over recent years,  have expressed that their biggest frustration is tech.

In fact, we have found that tech is often the only stumbling block between them and their vision and so we help solve this problem by working with our clients to strategically and effectively build the dream, but without the overwhelm and frustration! Choose your path —>

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results driven

We only succeed if you succeed, which is why we will put in the necessary to ensure you get the results you desire along with a return on your investment.


strategic approach

Our approach is strategic because we know without a clear and logical blueprint we are wasting our time and yours. If it doesn't make sense we won't do it!


excellent client service

We pride ourselves on the client experience. We want to build lasting relationships with everyone we work with and so a big part of that is ensuring you receive the best service possible.

ready to be defined digital?

Here at Defined Digital we recognise the importance of having a powerful online presence. As technology becomes more and more accessible and online business increases in popularity, we strive to help you stay ahead of the curve by taking a holistic approach to working with you.

What exactly does that mean?

Well in a nutshell, when we work with you we will delve deeply into your business and get to the crooks of exactly what it is you want to achieve. 

We are firm believers in not creating for creations sake. We want you to see results and a return on your investment so we will give you honest guidance on what we think will work for you and your business and equally what we think will not. 

Ultimately, our aim is to build a solid relationship with you as we work on your business.

 Toni Martin-Clarke (Founder)


Client Testimonials

Toni created an amazing website for my company - it looks absolutely stunning and has received lots of praise from clients and colleagues alike. She is pleasant and professional to work with and always helpful! Of course she is also in charge of the website maintenance so I know it gets regular updates and backups and I have a competent point of contact for questions. Thank you!

Christina Brauer  Christina Brauer
Christina Brauer

Toni has helped me break through barriers, helped me to set up my business properly and to be profitable right from the start. She is so knowledgable about what she does with sales funnels, email marketing, and of course design. She is a great inspiration and I’m so looking forward to working with her again when I get to the next level of my business.

Dimity Louise 
Dimity Louise

I spent a day with Toni planning and designing my website. Not only did I come away with a website I love, I also learnt how to do it myself. It's completely empowering and Toni is incredibly knowledgeable and a great teacher. She is still a great ongoing support and I can't recommend her highly enough.

Sally Leech  The Menopause Club
Sally Leech

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